MediCle Cloud

Complete your personal health records. Share your medical images with any physician you choose

Be in charge of your own medical images with MediCle Cloud. Your X-rays, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, Mammograms and other diagnostic quality medical images are readily available via your own private log-in. The MediCle Cloud completes your Personal Health Records and makes it easy to share your medical images with any physician you choose.

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Control Your Personal Health Records and Medical Images

Have you ever struggled to get copies of your Medical Imaging Data?

Would you like to have digital access to your medical imaging studies and be able share them with specialists for 2nd or 3rd opinions? The MediCle Cloud gives you control of your personal medical imaging studies.

Securely Access Your Information from Any Platform

The efficient MediCle Cloud is based on the Microsoft HealthVault Platform and offers the ability to store and view all types of medical images.

The MediCle Cloud meets all HIPAA requirements and follows accepted security protocols for secure storage, back-up and redundancy of your images.

The MediCle Cloud provides an internet-accessible diagnostic viewer that lets you share your medical images on your mobile device when you're in your doctor's office, or by sending him a secure link via email.

Use the MediCle Cloud to get more timely diagnosis and improve your care.