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  • Assemble Drawings from Various Sources
  • Scans, TIF, PDF, CAD Files
  • Independent from Sizes and Paper Formats
Choose your drawing files for a VPindex process to clean, index, and rename. All processing steps can be tailored to your individual requirements.


  • Record Index Data from Title Blocks
  • Record Index Data from Any Position
  • Cleanup, Rotation, Paper Format Calibration
Literally, hundreds or even thousands of documents can be processed in short time. Set up automatic workflows or a combination of automatic and user controlled routines. Define templates and the program will capture text, barcode or checkbox content for database or DMS export. The built-in OCR module (text recognition) supports a simplified data capture. Content can be recorded from a title block or from any other position in the document.


  • Export Index Data to Database, DMS, MS-Excel
  • Rename Files Using Index Data
  • Uniform Output File Format, Single or Multi-Page
Create, update or extend your digital drawing archive and database. VPindex will help you to archive, retrieve and distribute your drawing documents faster and safer.

With VPindex and VPindex lite you can capture, index, clean and archive legacy scan or CAD documents quickly and safely - independent of paper sizes and formats. You can build up new digital archives and databases or fill your existing storage system with yet uncaptured documents and their associated individual content data. With a unique identification of each document processed your workflows will definitely speed up for retrieval, revision, distribution and printing.

VPindex liteVPindex
Scan, image and CAD file processing (.tif, .jpeg, .pdf, .dxf, .dwg etc.)
Indexing and cleanup process setup supported by "Wizard"
Full hybrid editing and correction tools
Cleanup, rotation, format calibration in automatic batch mode
Record and index title block content with OCR
Record and index content from isolated positions with OCR
State-Of-the-Art text recognition module (OCR)
OCR of Asian writings (optional)
Automatic file renaming, incl. recorded index content
Direct export of index data to database (SQL/ODBC, .csv)
VPindex system requirements: Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP (32bit or 64bit)

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