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GTXRaster Tools

  • Drawing Management
  • PDF Support
  • Color Tools
  • Image Cleanup

GTXRaster Tools is a very cost-effective, yet a powerful and easy-to-use solution for cleaning and enhancing scanned raster images. Bring your legacy paper drawings into your AutoCAD® environment and realize an immediate increase in production!

Just Like AutoCAD - Because the GTXRaster CAD Series is integrated with AutoCAD's Image Support Module (ISM), all commands, menus and toolbars are consistent with AutoCAD 2014, providing a productive and very easy-to-learn user interface. GTX has developed numerous commands to make working with raster images easier and more productive.

GTXRaster Tools™ 2014 for AutoCAD 2014 has been fully ported to the 64-bit platform and can run as a native 64-bit application directly on the Windows 7 x64 Edition, and Windows XP x64 Edition. Only software licensing is supported on the 64-bit platform.


Quickly clean the scanned raster image with commands such as deskew, despeckle, and crop. Or, erase any part of the image, with raster erase and raster outline. Then draw AutoCAD vectors over the top of the image.


GTX's Intelligent Object Picking (IOP) technology allows you to work with raster entities as intelligent objects. Use this feature to select raster entities (line, arc, circle) even if touching other data. Use the All Text IOP to select all raster text entities. IOP preserves underlying geometry during erase and raster to vector conversion.


Raster editing features include both efficient cleanup and image restoration capability with powerful raster manipulation commands, allowing you to edit and save the raster data. Raster data can also be traced using AutoCAD design tools and stored or plotted as hybrid files. Or, convert vector entities into raster objects for archival purposes.

New PDF support

You can now load a black and white or color scanned PDF into GTXRaster CAD Series 2014. This gives you the ability to convert your PDF scans into Tiff and you can also convert from Tiff to PDF.

New ToolBars and Ribbons

GTX has improved the user interface for AutoCAD 2014, you have the standard "Classic" drop down menus and toolbars and now you have a fully integrated Ribbon as well as additional toolbars that are fully integrated into your AutoCAD environment.


GTX ICR provides true Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), based on hybrid neural-net technology. Train the software to automatically recognize text characters associated with individual or company drafting styles.


Easy to use Color Reduction functionality to enable full color scan files to be reduced from up to 16 million colors down to between 256 & 4 colors, or even bi-tonal (black and white) images. A powerful Color Separation facility to enable selected colors to be grouped together and separated into new layers and assigned an appropriate color of the user's choosing. Using the latest available color processing algorithms, ALL the products in the GTXRaster CAD® Series, Version 2014 include the gReduce, gSeparate & gBi-tonal commands.


Fully Compatible and Optimized to run in the AutoCAD 2014 environment.
New Features are shown below in Red.


  • New PDF image support, Import PDF files, Save PDF to Tiff and Tiff to PDF
  • Multiple Drawing Environment
  • Cut raster image to file or buffer
  • Insert a raster image or symbol into the current drawing
  • Quick save of vector objects into the current drawing
  • Convert vector objects to raster data for saving
  • Create a new raster image


  • Color Separation
  • Color Reduction
  • Bi-tonal/Grey Scale Conversion


  • Interactive despeckle
  • Image cropping
  • Manual Despeckle and Noise Removal
  • Correct distortion on warped images
  • Move, copy, scale, mirror and rotate images
  • Draw lines or erase raster
  • Smoothing


  • Auto Deskew
  • Auto Clean
  • Auto Deskew and Noise Removal

View demonstrations on how you can
Clean up a Dirty Image

Also available in French, and German language versions!

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