M3000 and ET16

Professional Book Scanner

Specially designed for scanning bound books without unbinding pages.


Powerful Hardware Configuration

Scan without unbinding sheets

CMOS, 20Mps High Definition camera

MIPS CPU to ensure the speed of scanning


Outstanding Smart Software

  • Scanning speed: 30 pages/min for single pages, 60 pages/min for book
  • Cutting edge technology for flatten curves
  • Core technology can flatten curves, remove fingerprints, purify background, correct position and crop automatically

Attention to Detail

TFT Screen displays what you are scanning simultaneously

LED Light

Two levels of brightness adjust for your environment


Quality in the Details

  • Book cover baffle: To avoid the influence of book cover
  • Foot pedal: Free your hands and scan efficiently.
  • Working for 5000 hours without malfunction.

Who Uses the CZUR M3000?



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