Energy, Process & Plant

Building Information Models to Aide Efficiency

Energy, Process & Plant

Call on our team when you need extra help creating detailed 3D models and drawings for mechanical equipment and systems, HVAX, process layouts and electrical, conduit and piping systems.

3D models used for facility management for your buildings and systems empowers you to use all types of facility data to best advantage throughout your plant. The intent is to provide safe, healthy, effective and efficient environments for energy, processes and plants at a reasonable cost with minimum impact to the environment.

Whether you need us on-site for to scan your facility and generate 3D models, or you need us to update your CAD files with as-built information, we're here to do the hard work so you can focus on your core business.

By integrating scanned and as-built data into a Building Information Model, along with your facility's maintenance management system, we can help you:

  • automate system preventive maintenance programs
  • connect to the existing system software to supplement the data and information that already exists
  • improve space management
  • help with plant and process analysis and sustainability initiatives
  • streamline change management and identify conflicts
  • connect with a plant's automation system, for controlling lighting, sound systems, fire prevention and sprinkler systems, HVAC systems and other automated systems within the facility.

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