WiseImage Pro Saves Time

WiseImage Pro Saves Time

Syncroness, Inc. is a nationwide leader in start-to-finish collaborative product development and engineering consulting services, with extensive expertise in the setup, use and customization of software tools. Specializing in mechanical engineering in the medical, consumer, military, and government sectors, Syncroness has extensive knowledge of CAD services and PDM data conversions.

Recently, Syncroness was enlisted by Lockheed Martin to convert thousands of 1950's era drawings into ProEngineer. The drawings were scanned into pdf format. Syncroness needed to convert the raster data into vector data so that the drawings could be brought into ProE. Because of the magnitude of the job, Syncroness began looking for a way to automate the conversion process.

"WiseImage was the only software that we found that could easily convert raster to vector. This saved us months of very tedious work, if we wouldn't have had WiseImage," says Greg Calouri of Syncroness. "In addition, WiseImage gave us the ability to clean-up the vector data fairly quickly."

Syncroness installed WiseImage and had a brief one-day training session and they were converting drawings the very next day. This enabled them to bring the Lockheed project in on-time and in-budget.

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