Fast Engineering Changes with WiseImage Software

Fast Engineering Changes with WiseImage Software

A small electrical installation company with 20 employees, needed to find a better, faster, less expensive way to create fitting instructions for electric outlets, electric wiring and alarm systems on existing drawings.

Typically, the way this small electrical installation company handled the problem was to send out three or four images, per week, for scanning and vectorization at a cost of approximately $75 per image. The result of these conversions was generally of low quality and contained many small converted elements that required considerable time to clean-up before fitting instructions could be added to the drawing.

The Solution

The user receives drawings of floor plans of both offices and houses - as paper. These floor plans are scanned and opened in Windows, AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD using WiseImage. The user then calls their predefined template library and starts adding electrical schematics and / or alarm system onto the drawing. If the user does not have a preferred solution already, WiseImage for Windows will solve the problem without extra investments.

Once the new implementation is finished on the drawing board, the image is printed out and distributed to the electricians and alarm experts for further action.

There is no need for costly conversion or redrawing. Using the easy and accurate tools of WiseImage, the user can even make direct changes on the floor plans as needed and populate the drawing with the approved symbols.

ROI — Return on Investment — is very easily calculated for this business case. WiseImage = less than 7 weeks and WiseImage Pro = just over 15 weeks. It is difficult to find a better ROI than that!

About WiseImage Software

WiseImage is the number one solution for making quick Engineering changes without converting to CAD. It is the only software with real object selection, so a line is a line; a circle is a circle and so on — even in the raster data. It is the only software with symbol pattern recognition and intelligent substitution — a symbol can be selected, vectorized or cleaned-up automatically or semi-automatically by direct operator controlled interaction.

If your choice of working environment is AutoCAD — then WiseImage fits right into this environment without removing, doubling or changing any of the original functionality. WiseImage only extends the capability of AutoCAD to becoming the most powerful raster and hybrid editor also. Your scans or raster images can now be used with much more flexibility and with huge time and financial savings.