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Whether you're innovating next generation aircraft, updating legacy drawings, converting mylars, or generating 3D virtual models, our CAD experts are here to help. We understand how competitive the aerospace industry is and how essential fast workflow and high accuracy is to your success.

Aircraft engineering drawings were traditionally created and stored on mylar sheets. As these drawings age and deteriorate, it becomes necessary to scan and convert them into 2D CAD drawings as well as 3D CAD models. This process preserves the original design information and enables faster repairs and upgrades through reverse engineering.

This process is often necessary, because of the relatively long life of each individual aircraft.

Sometimes the original drawings have deteriorated and cannot be used for redesign or replacement or parts. In such cases, we provide high accuracy 3D scanning services that enable us to scan and convert the part to a 3D model, ready for your team to manufacture.

Because success depends upon the speed with which information can be deployed, rely on the engineering team at CAD/CAM Services to get the job done — on time, first time, every time.

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